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I work with Singing Actors to help them see that once their vocal technique is clear and void of bad habits and unnecessary obstruction and tension, then it’s just a matter of personalization of that song with the use of their prepared and studied acting technique. This will clearly identify the objective of the character as the artist relates to the song and makes the scene dialogue to singing transition seamless.

We'll break down the song as it relates to the character and, with the use of good vocal production, shape and color passages with emotions through breathing, dynamics and phrasing.

An Acting Coach For Singers can help you:

  • Increase range, flexibility, expressiveness

  • Add resonance, tone, and warmth

  • Expand or specify your sound, including accessibility

  • Work with rhythm and cadence

  • Build and keep energy

  • Optimize healthy vocal tone

  • Improve articulation


Perhaps your vocal technique is already fully realized, but you are having trouble booking jobs due to your inability to connect and personalize your material so that your audience not only enjoys the sound of your vocal production, but believes you as the character.  This is what separates a good singer from a GREAT performer.  

A Singing Coach for Actors can help you:

  • keep your singing technique while finding a personalized way for you to specifically relate to the song and create a rich and multi-layered character

  • be equally versatile and adaptable vocally and dramatically

  • keep your relationship to the material fresh, current and relatable

  • understand that adding these rich layers to your performance makes your entire character come to life

  • make the transition from dialogue to song seamless

  • alter the shape, phrasing and dynamics of the song as your dramatically realized character would now sing this piece



Individual Lessons


60-minute coaching for singers: $80.00 + accompanist fee (price varies)

Package Lessons

Package of six 60-minute voice lessons: $450.00

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