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If you have an upcoming singing audition,  I will help you make this mini-performance the best representation of your vocal and acting abilities as it relates to the song and character.  I will break the piece down musical idea by musical idea, much like you break a monologue or scene with beats, and we will give this small offering a full and realized life to make your audition a success.

We may edit the song a little differently than you may think, in order to show vocal/acting range, emotion, dynamics and the ability to play with your voice to the best of your abilities so that your potential directors/music directors experience you at your absolute best.

Please come prepared with 2 copies of your music:

  • 1 for me

  • 1 for the accompanist


We will make sure that your hard copy contains the correct markings for the audition accompanist and show you how to tell him/her your tempos and dynamics in the most efficient and productive way immediately prior to your audition.


Individual Lessons

60-minute Audition Prep: $80.00

Schedule Your Audition Prep Coaching Session

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